Ravago Manufacturing has been a leader in recycling Nylon for over 30 years. Made from discarded ocean fishing nets, HYLON® OCEAN (PCR Nylon 6) is our latest innovation in this arena. Collected from oceans around the world, these nets are sorted and pelletized for use as a feedstock in HYLON® OCEAN compounds. Suitable for a variety of applications and market segments, HYLON® OCEAN can be compounded with HYLON® (Prime and PIR Nylon 6 and 66) and/or EnViramid® (PCR Nylon 6 and 66 from carpet fiber), allowing users to ‘dial in’ products to meet application requirements, property targets, and sustainability goals while managing cost.

HYLON® OCEAN PA6 Compounds blend advanced additive and reinforcement technologies with 100% Post-Consumer Ocean Plastics recovered from fishing nets. 

Ravago Manufacturing’s combination of high quality raw materials and world-class compounding expertise products customers a Sustainable material option for a variety of applications.

RMA HYLON® OCEAN Product Guide