HYBRID® is a series of polycarbonate alloys designed for a wide array of applications. Standard grades are readily available in black, natural, and custom colors. Alloying options allow Ravago to offer a wide range of mechanical, physical and chemical properties to suite your individual needs.

  • HYBRID® B is an alloy of PC and PBT Polyester and is available in various formulations targeting impact and UV performance as well as a range of filler options. The HYBRID® B series can also be customized to your specific application needs including custom colors


  • HYBRID® S is an alloy of PC and ABS that is available in a range of filled and unfilled options used in multiple industries including automotive, consumer and recreational applications. Flame retardant options utilizing halogenated and  non-hal technologies to satisfy UL requirements for electrical enclosures


  • HYBRID® E is an alloy of PC and PET and is targeted at enhanced chemical resistance over purely amorphous materials while maintaining good dimensional stability