The AQUATUF® brand of rotomolding products was originally created to satisfy the challenging requirements of the whitewater kayak market but have grown in use to include many other application areas that require the highest level of stiffness and toughness available in the market today. AQUATUF® is typically provided in custom colors across the complete color palette and based on 4-6 melt flow resins and incorporating a range of UV performance packages.


  • AQUATUF® series 337 and 334. Our premium performing compounds for rotomolding applications. These products provide the best combination of toughness and stiffness in the marketplace.


  • Ravago also produces many other compounds for the rotomolding market across the entire range of products/applications. This includes a UL V-2 option as well as options to promote foam adhesion.


  • Customized Solutions – Ravago also engages with its customers to customize their roto solutions based on the unique needs for specific brands or grades of roto resin.