Expertise in Technology

Due to our integrated technologies and completed product portfolio, we are able to provide better solutions to customer needs. A partner with high collaborative capabilities.

Our expertise can serve a wide variety of markets and the existing product portfolio covers many needs of plastic industries. The high knowledge of the employees can provide with an excellent technical assistance accompanying any new project. The complete comprehension over plastics gives opportunities for a full research and development activity that can deliver wide solutions to all customers.

Passionate people that are always looking for excellence and a sense of continuous improvement. Employees that are realistic and base their decision on facts and not on dreams. Also, the best use of technology that is an accelerator in the most sustainable way so that we can become pioneers in the plastics industry.


Technical support


  • Complete Quality Control Programs
  • State-of-the-Art technology and compounding facilities
  • Complete visibility and access to the manufacturing, laboratory and technical resources of Ravago
  • Highly Experienced Manufacturing and Engineering Teams
  • Value offerings include co-development assistance, access to leveraged raw material procurement, multiple extrusion process options