Recycling Excellence

Giving waste a second life, that is how it all started for Ravago. When our founder Raf Van Gorp saw the potential of discarded products, he started recycling avant-la-lettre. Today, as one of the leading plastics recyclers, Ravago continues to push the boundaries in recycling technologies and applications.

Through technological advancement, we are able to recycle more and more types of plastic waste. Together with product manufacturers, we help design for recycling and develop new applications for recycled plastics. Step by step, Ravago is working towards solving the plastic waste issue and making plastics truly circular.




From carpets that are soft underfoot to types that are suitable for industrial functions, Ravago’s expertise in re-purposing end-of-life nylon carpeting allows us to redirect landfill and create value instead.



Similarly, we recycle the nylon fibers from used fishing nets from fish farms. Our recycled nylon compounds can be used for filler reinforcement, UV stabilization, and impact modification, and are found in familiar markets such as automotive, furniture and sporting goods.



Along with post-industrial plastic scraps, we use different post-consumer waste streams in our compound formulations. Caps, closures and end-of-life crates are recycled back into polypropylene automotive compounds, whereas used bottles are the main ingredient for our recycled polyethylene blow molding compounds. Despite the difficulties posed by input materials with contaminations and abnormalities, we are able to deliver consistent quality for demanding, high performance applications.


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