Ravago Supplying Essential Polymers to Meet Critical Healthcare Pandemic Needs

April 13, 2020

Ravago Americas and its subsidiaries, Amco Polymers, Burcham International, Channel Prime Alliance, Entec Polymers, Genesis Polymers, Muehlstein, Ravago Chemicals North America and Ravago Manufacturing Americas are helping to meet the urgent demand for polymers and chemicals used in critical products for the diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19 for protection of those on the front lines. These critical products include newly-developed test kits, diagnostic consumables, ventilator components and personal protection equipment (PPE), including face shields.

Through Ravago Chemicals, the company is providing key ingredients that are used in hand sanitizers and other critical cleaning products to help slow the spread of this disease. Ravago is in constant contact with suppliers, warehouses and logistics teams to manage the changing dynamics of this pandemic while addressing the exceptionally high demand for essential polymers and chemicals from key medical OEMs and contract manufacturers.

Ravago Americas CEO, Jim Duffy, stated “Ravago has been a key supplier to the medical and packaging industries for decades and we are humbled to do our part to help combat this pandemic. With our extensive network of distribution centers throughout North and South America, we are able to position essential products close to where they are needed for key medical customers to respond to intense market demand for diagnostic tests, medical devices and PPE as fast as possible. Our continued focus is to provide world-class uninterrupted service during these difficult times.”

Ravago has been a global leader in plastics and chemical distribution, compounding and recycling since 1961. In the Americas, Ravago’s multiple compounding and recycling facilities produce customized formulations in both commodity resins and engineering thermoplastics able to address the needs of projects across any industry and any size. They also have multiple distribution channels to market to provide both prime branded polymers, generic polymers and chemicals throughout North and South America. To learn more about Ravago, please go to www.Ravago.com.