Strategic Partnerships

Being the intermediary between the chemical industry and product manufacturers puts Ravago in a unique position to partner with both sides to develop effective and innovative solutions for sustainability.

We are working with suppliers to introduce recycled pallets and bags into the supply chain, and to devise forms of logistical integration in order to eliminate truck transports. Together with our customers, we’ve developed ways to reduce the weight and thus the environmental impact of their products, to incorporate recycled plastics or bioplastics in them, or to make them easier to recycle after use.

In our entrepreneurial and impact-driven spirit, we will continue to innovate along the value chain to make our industry valuable for society.




Ravago Chemicals companies InAqua and Phoenix enable state-of-the-art water management internationally by supplying products and equipment for different types of water treatment facilities. At our own manufacturing plants, Ravago uses closed-loop water circuits employing our own filter elements and pressure vessels.



We develop and produce anti-fog additives and UV-light stabilizers. In agriculture and packaging applications, for example, these additives have great benefits such as prevention of crop damage and extended shelf life, which result in less food waste.



Our logistics terminal right next door to one of our suppliers’ production site represents a triple win. A direct hydraulic pipeline now delivers the supplier’s plastic granules directly to our terminal, where they are stored on-site, replacing reliance on intensive truck transport. This not only reduces CO2 emissions, but eliminates risk and damage to the product. In addition, the new layout has allowed our supplier to significantly reduce its logistics cost base at its facility.



One of Ravago’s distribution channels and two of its key supply partners, have successfully completed a project together with a strategic customer in the protective packaging market, resulting in a 30% reduction in the polymers used in a majority of the applications. Down-gauging overall film thickness through innovative formulations and replacing traditional materials not only enables enhanced performance but also a reduction in the carbon footprint and landfill content. This is a concrete example of Ravago connecting crucial partners in the industry.


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