With a long list of OEM approvals, MAFILL® IPC are the material of choice for some of the largest injection molders in North America. MAFILL® IPC grades are custom-formulated to provide customers with the optimal balance of properties to meet their particular specifications. Reactor and post-industrial feedstocks are combined with a variety of fillers and specialty additives to create a wide spectrum of both homopolymer and copolymer material solutions. In addition to general purpose grades, MAFILL® IPC resins can be formulated to meet specific requirements such as improved scratch and mar resistance, UV weatherability, long-term heat age resistance and cold temperature toughness.

  • Homopolymer PP: Combines an excellent balance of flow, mechanical strength and heat resistance for a wide range of applications across a number of markets and industries.


  • Copolymer PP: Softer grades selected for applications where higher levels of impact strength, ductility and durability are required.


Both types of PP feedstock can be compounded with a number of different fillers and reinforcements, including:


Calcium Carbonate: Best economics, good surface appearance, good natural color, better impact strength, better hardness, lower tensile and flex properties.

Talc: Higher cost, better mechanical and thermal properties, reduced warp, wide range of color, lower surface hardness.

Mica: Highest cost, best mechanical and thermal properties, wide range of color, less preferred for surface appearance applications.

Wollastonite: Higher stiffness and thermal properties, better scratch and mar resistance, more anisotropic shrinkage, higher cost, often used in combination with other fillers.